Township Forester Information

What Does a Municipal Forester Do? Municipal Foresters manage and care for township trees, which may be located along streets or in local parks. Typically they must plan and manage the planting, pruning, and removal of any trees located in a public area.

Municipal Foresters also protect city trees by possessing a general understanding of the ecology of their region. In addition, a Municipal Foresters may work as advocates for the importance of trees in the community.

Some helpful website links from the Township Forester:

To educate yourself about issues of dead, dying or diseased trees, please review the International Society of Arboriculture document of what constitutes a "hazardous tree" by clicking on the link directly below:

To obtain a downloadable 40 page Tree Care Handbook from the US Forest Service click on this link:

To review links provided by the NJ Board of Tree Experts concerning the NJ Licensed Tree Care Act, and other state of New Jersey tree related information websites: