Tree and Bench Donation

mailto: msceurman@bloomfieldtwpnj.comtreebenchThe Township of Bloomfield has created two ways to honor a loved one. Whether it’s to remember a family member or friend who passed away or in recognition of a major accomplishment or milestone, both programs will express your sentiment and enhance the Bloomfield Municipal Park System. Your loved one will be recognized by attaching an aluminum plate with their name on it to a park bench or tree in their honor.

To find out about these programs please click the following links.

Municipal Tree Donation View Form (PDF)
Donación de árboles municipales Ver Aplicación (PDF)

Municipal Park Bench Donation View Form (PDF)
Donación Banco del Parque Municipal Ver Aplicación (PDF)

if you would like more information you may contact the Bloomfield Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Department Director, Michael L. Sceurman or call 973-743-9074.