Lackawanna Station Improvement Project

The proposed Lackawanna Transit Station Improvement Project will provide improvements to the Historic Lackawanna Transit Station and twelve surrounding roadway intersections within Bloomfield Center District. This project will enhance New Jersey’s travel and tourism efforts by increasing ridership at the Lackawanna Station, boosting the surrounding business district and aiding Bloomfield’s downtown area stability. Additionally, the proposed improvements will serve locals and visitors with new signage to navigate downtown Bloomfield by walking or biking to a from key points of interest, improve accessibility within Bloomfield Center, as well as navigate motorist to parking facilities. The project will also add much needed streetscape to the area fronting Lackawanna Station. Many residents, shoppers and commuters will enjoy the proposed new walkways, curbs, pavement repairs at the train station and new signage along the wayfinding routes, as well as promote alternative modes of transportation.