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July 18, 2022 10:29 AM

Drinking Water Notice!

JULY 15, 2022
The City of Newark will be performing improvements to their pump station in Pequannock which will require a shutdown of their pump station. The following notice was sent to the Bloomfield Water Department from the City of Newark:
“We will be shutting down the Pequannock Water Treatment Plant for four (4) consecutive days commencing July 17, 2022. This will be the first in a series of three (3) shutdowns that we will be conducting between now and the end of the year. These shutdowns will be necessary in order to complete work associated with the City's Filter Upgrade and Plant Improvement Project that is currently underway. This first shutdown will include the installation of several large filter influent, effluent and drain valves. We will also be calibrating our newly installed plant influent cone and flow control valves, installing a new polyaluminum chloride feed system and conducting breaker tests on our plant power and electrical systems.”
“We do not anticipate any change in delivered water quality to customers in our Pequannock and Wanaque gradient customers or our consecutive systems. We will be monitoring water quality at our water quality monitoring stations and picking up routine and special samples during that period to ensure we are providing a safe and abundant supply that meets regulatory requirements.”
There is no need to take any action at this time. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BOIL WATER.
If you are experiencing discolored water or detect any unusual odors from July 17th thru July 22nd, please contact the Bloomfield Water Department at 973-680-4009 or via e-mail at so we may properly investigate the situation.

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