The Bloomfield Engineering Department oversees all municipally-owned facilities and infrastructure such as streets, watermains, sanitary sewers, storm sewers and public buildings. Our mission is to oversee and maintain these facilities to provide the best services and quality of life for the residents of Bloomfield. 

Our goals and objectives are to provide and formulate annual capital improvement programs such as roadway reconstruction and resurfacing of 85 miles of local roadway; water supply improvements to 110 linear miles of watermain piping including cleaning and lining; sanitary sewer cleaning and replacement; intersection and pedestrian safety improvements such as upgraded traffic signals and pedestrian crossings; maintaining our public buildings to provide the necessary services to our residents.  

Accomplishing these goals requires administration of the in-house staff as well as the services of various professional engineering consulting firms to develop appropriate budgets and plans. We also provide design support and technical assistance to all departments within the township when the need arises such as improvements to our parks and recreation facilities; improvements to police and fire department facilities; traffic safety analysis; community development projects and the Planning and Zoning Boards. 

Planning and zoning Board applications are obtained at the Engineering Department. 

The Engineering Department also administers the following permits: 

 - Sidewalk and Driveway Replacement Permits within the Public Right-Of Way. 

 - Road Opening and/or Right of Way Opening Permits within our municipally-owned streets. 

 -Tree Removal Permits on private properties. 

 - Water and Sewer Connections.