Bloomfield Commission on Civil Rights

Mission Statement:

The Bloomfield Commission on Civil Rights is an organization designed to foster goodwill and cooperation within the community by holding events, educational programs, education campaigns, recommending policy initiatives to the mayor and town council, and like-minded activities.

Members of the Commission:

Paula Gutierrez, Dr. Djanna Hill-Tall, Krystal Langford,  Maurice McLaughlin, Esq., Dr. Wartyna Davis – town council liaison, and Lt. Thomas Icolari –  police department liaison.

Our events include voting drives, community conversations, student art competitions, and our annual student essay contest.  For additional information please contact the Commission secretary, Paula Gutierrez at this email address.

2020 Essay Contest Winners:

Courtney Jackson - Carteret

Keylin Palauguachi - Berkeley

Daniela Duarte - Berkeley

Kojo Wilson - Berkeley

Audrey McLaughlin - Brookdale

Nana-Nyarko Amankwah - Berkeley

Arianna Ollica - Oakview

Olivia Winder – Berkeley – honorable mention

Sabrina Camacho – Brookdale – honorable mention

Karolina Vera – Fairview – honorable mention


4th Wednesday of each month unless otherwise noted.

  • 7 p.m.
  • Bloomfield Civic Center
    84 Broad Street
    Senior Club Room
    Bloomfield, NJ 07003