Construction Permits

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The mission of the Construction Department is to ensure adequate construction and maintenance of buildings and structures throughout the Township and to adequately protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents and business owners. This is accomplished by issuing permits for residential, commercial and industrial construction and certificates of approval and occupancy. The Department conducts inspections in order to determine that all work is completed in accordance with the State Uniform Construction Code and all applicable prior approvals. All Uniform Construction Code inspectors are licensed by the State of New Jersey as Class 1 inspectors, which is the highest rating offered by the State of New Jersey. The Department is self-supporting through fees generated from permits and certificates.

The Department oversees:

  • The issuance of building permits for home improvements and certificates of occupancy
  • The scheduling of construction inspections and zoning inspections
  • The reporting of all construction data to the State and enforcing the NJ State Housing Code and residential structure habitability
  • Obtaining a construction permit assures that the contractor is licensed and completes the work according to code
  • Certificate Of Continued Occupancy (resale/transfer of title)