Bloomfield residents 60 years and older and/or anyone with disabilities can schedule this free transportation service.  Our drivers will pick up eligible residents in front of their dwelling and drive them anywhere in Essex County.  Rides are primarily for medical purposes but if the schedule allows we can set up rides to the beauty parlor/barbershop, library and even visits to grave sites. Approximately 75 people a week have been taking advantage of the this service.

   The Bloomfield Recreation Department currently has four Dial-A-Ride vehicles in its fleet, two of which include a fully ADA compliant wheelchair lift for our non-ambulatory population. On any given work day we have two to three vehicles assisting our residents!

     Normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 2:00PM excluding municipal holidays.  The service is free of charge. To make a Dial-A-Ride appointment, please call the transportation number (973) 566-7194, at least one month in advance, during normal operating hours.


Bloomfield Senior Citizen Bus

    Our senior citizen bus runs from 9:00AM to 4:00PM Monday through Friday excluding municipal holidays.  The bus drives on a fixed route throughout the town in an attempt to provide senior citizens the opportunity to go to various shopping locations such as Brookdale Shoprite, CVS , Stop and Shop, Jack's Super Foodtown and the Bloomfield Center.  For information pertaining to the actual route or if the bus is running on a regular schedule please call the Bloomfield Recreation Department Transportation Line during normal business hours, (973) 566-7194.


Shuttle Bus

    The Bloomfield Shuttle Bus has been designed to pick up commuters and transport them to the newly renovated Bloomfield Station located on Lackawanna Place.  The new Bloomfield Station is a stop on NJ Transit’s  Montclair-Boonton Line which enables commuters a direct trip to many destinations such as Hoboken and New York.

    Our shuttles run Monday through Friday (except major holidays), on a fixed route.  There are several runs in the morning beginning at 5:00AM to 9:00AM and several in the evening starting at 5:00PM to 8:30PM.

    In an attempt to better meet the needs of Bloomfield’s shuttle bus riders, the recreation department has slightly adjusted the fare schedule for its shuttle bus program. The new pass system will allow riders to purchase a 50 ride pass for $25.00. This new pass system will allow riders to use their pass anytime throughout the year; they are no longer limited to a monthly pass.  You must present your personalized pass to our drivers upon boarding the Bloomfield Shuttle and they will “punch” your ticket accordingly. If your pass is running low, you can come to the Civic Center during normal registration hours to purchase another pass or purchase one on line through our on line registration site (please call the office for assistance).
Este documento está disponible en otros idiomas a petición. Por favor llame 973-743-9074
If you need assistance or an accommodation with any of The Township of Bloomfield's Transportation services, please call 973-743-9074 or send an e-mail to
There will be NO TRANSPORTATION SERVICES on Municipal Holidays.  

Montgomery & Rowe Street Schedule
Effective March 11, 2018


(H) Hoboken   (M) Manhattan


Route # 1

Belleveille Ave/ Williamson 5:18AM

Belleville Ave/Smith Street 5:20AM
Montgomery Street/Rowe St 5:22AM
Bloomfield Station 5:28AM
(M/H) Train Departs 5:33AM


Route # 2

Belleveille Ave/ Williamson 5:58AM

Belleville Ave/Smith Street 6:00AM
Montgomery Street/Rowe St 6:03AM
Bloomfield Station 6:08AM
(M) Train Departs 6:15AM


Route # 3

Belleville Ave/Williamson 6:30AM

Belleville Ave/Smith Street 6:32AM
Montgomery Street/Rowe St 6:34AM
Bloomfield Station 6:40AM
(H/M) Train Departs 6:52AM


Route # 4

Belleville Ave/Williamson 6:49AM

Belleville Ave/Smith Street 6:51AM
Montgomery Street/Rowe St 6:54AM
Bloomfield Station 7:02AM
(M) Train Departs 7:08AM
(H) Train Departs 7:33AM


Route # 5

Belleville Ave/Williamson 7:23AM

Belleville Ave/Smith Street 7:25AM
Montgomery Street/Rowe St 7:29AM
Bloomfield Station 7:36AM
(M) Train Departs 7:43AM
(H) Train Departs 8:12AM


Route # 6

Belleville Ave/Williamson 8:04AM

Belleville Ave/Smith Street 8:06AM
Montgomery Street/Rowe St 8:10AM
Bloomfield Station 8:16AM
(M) Train Departs 8:27AM
(H/M) Train Departs 8:37AM


Route # 7

Belleville Ave/Williamson 8:55AM

Belleville Ave/Smith Street 8:57AM
Montgomery Street/Rowe St 9:01AM
Bloomfield Station 9:07AM
(M) Train Departs 9:18AM



Route # 8

(M) Train Arrives at Bloomfield Station 5:17PM
Bus Departs Bloomfield Station 5:24PM
Montgomery Street/Rowe St 5:31PM
Belleville Ave/Davey St 5:35PM


Route # 9

(H) Train Arrives Bloomfield Station 5:49PM
(M) Train Arrives Bloomfield Station 5:58PM
Bus Departs Bloomfield Station 6:04PM
Montgomery Street/Rowe St 6:11PM
Belleville Ave/Davey St 6:15PM

Route # 10

(H) Train Arrives Bloomfield Station 6:21PM
(M) Train arrives Bloomfield Station 6:39PM
Bus Departs Bloomfield Station 6:44PM
Montgomery Street/Rowe Street 6:51PM
Belleville Ave/Davey Street 6:55PM


Route # 11

(H) Train Arrives at Bloomfield Station 6:52PM
(M) Train Arrives at Bloomfield Station 7:11PM
Bus Departs Bloomfield Station 7:15PM
Montgomery Street/Rowe St 7:22PM
Belleville Ave/Davey St 7:26PM


Route # 12

(H/M) Train Arrives at Bloomfield Station 7:47PM
Bus Departs Bloomfield Station 7:51PM
Montgomery Street/Rowe St 7:58PM
Belleville Ave/Davey St 8:02PM

** Riders of the 7:47PM train will be returned home.  However, the route may be deviated to return back for the 8:05PM train. **

Route #13
(M) Train Arrives Bloomfield Station 8:05PM
Bus Departs Bloomfield Station 8:12PM
Montgomery Street/Rowe St 8:19PM
Belleville Ave/Davey St 8:23PM


Broad Street Schedule

Effective March 11, 2018


(H) Hoboken   (M) Manhattan



West Passaic Ave/Barnett 5:46AM
West Passaic Ave/Garrabrant Ave 5:47AM
Broad St/Parkview Dr 5:49AM
Broad St/Donna Dr 5:52AM
Broad St/Sunset Ave 5:54AM
Broad St/Glen Ridge Prkwy 5:56AM
Broad St/Vernon terr 5:59AM
Broad St/Baldwin St 6:00AM
Broad St/James St 6:01AM
Broad St/State St 6:03AM
Broad St/Park St 6:05AM
Bloomfield Train Station 6:08AM
(M) Train Departs 6:15AM



West Passaic Ave/Barnett 6:25AM
West Passaic Ave/Garrabrant Ave 6:26AM
Broad St/Parkview Dr 6:28AM
Broad St/Donna Dr 6:32AM
Broad St/Sunset Ave 6:33AM
Broad St/Glen Ridge Prkwy 6:35AM
Broad St/Vernon terr 6:38AM
Broad St/Baldwin St 6:39AM
Broad St/James St 6:40AM
Broad St/State St 6:42AM
Broad St/Park St 6:44AM
Bloomfield Train Station 6:47AM
(H) Train Departs 6:52AM 
(M) Train Departs 7:08AM



West Passaic Ave/Barnett 7:12AM
West Passaic Ave/Garrabrant Ave 7:13AM
Broad St/Parkview Dr 7:15AM
Broad St/Donna Dr 7:17AM
Broad St/Sunset Ave 7:20AM
Broad St/Glen Ridge Prkwy 7:22AM
Broad St/Vernon Terr 7:25AM
Broad St/Baldwin St 7:26AM
Broad St/James St 7:27AM
Broad St/State St 7:29AM
Broad St/Park St 7:31AM
Bloomfield Train Station 7:34AM
(M) train Departs 7:43AM
(H) Train Departs 8:12AM


Broughton Ave/Chapel Street 7:50AM
Broughton Ave/Civic Place 7:55AM
Broughton Ave/Watchung Ave 7:58AM

West Passaic Ave/Barnett 8:00AM
West Passaic Ave/Garrabrant Ave 8:01AM
Broad St/Parkview Dr 8:03AM
Broad St/Donna Dr 8:06AM
Broad St/Sunset Ave 8:08AM
Broad St/Glen Ridge Prkwy 8:10AM
Broad St/Vernon terr 8:13AM
Broad St/Baldwin St 8:14AM
Broad St/James St 8:15AM
Broad St/State St 8:17AM
Broad St/Park St 8:19AM
Bloomfield Train Station 8:22AM
(M) Train Departs 8:27AM 
(H/M) Train Departs 8:37AM


Evening Routes - Returning Trips


(M) Train Arrives 5:17PM
Depart Bloomfield Train Station 5:22PM
Broad St/Park St 5:25PM
Broad St/State St 5:27PM
Broad St/James St 5:29PM
Broad St/Baldwin St 5:30PM
Broad St/Vernon Terr 5:31PM
Broad St/Glen Ridge Prkwy 5:34PM
Broad St/Sunset Ave 5:36PM
Broad St/Donna Dr 5:38PM
Broad St/ Parkview Dr 5:41PM
West Passaic Ave/Garrabrant Ave 5:43PM
West Passaic Ave/High St 5:45PM


(H) Train Arrives 5:49PM
(M) Train Arrives 5:58PM
Depart Bloomfield Train Station 6:04PM
Broad St/Park St 6:07PM
Broad St/State St 6:09PM
Broad St/James St 6:11PM
Broad St/Baldwin St 6:12PM
Broad St/Vernon Terr 6:13PM
Broad St/Glen Ridge Prkwy 6:16PM
Broad St/Sunset Ave 6:18PM
Broad St/Donna Dr 6:20PM
Broad St/ Parkview Dr 6:23PM
West Passaic Ave/Garrabrant Ave 6:25PM
West Passaic Ave/High St 6:27PM


(H) Train Arrives 6:21PM
(M) Train Arrives 6:39PM
Depart Bloomfield Train Station 6:42PM
Broad St/Park St 6:45PM
Broad St/State St 6:47PM
Broad St/James St 6:49PM
Broad St/Baldwin St 6:50PM
Broad St/Vernon Terr 6:51PM
Broad St/Glen Ridge Prkwy 6:54PM
Broad St/Sunset Ave 6:56PM
Broad St/Donna Dr 6:58PM
Broad St/ Parkview Dr 7:01PM
West Passaic Ave/Garrabrant Ave 7:03PM
West Passaic Ave/High St 7:05PM



(H) Train Arrives 6:52PM
(M) Train Arrives 7:11PM
Depart Bloomfield Train Station 7:15PM
Broad St/Park St 7:18PM
Broad St/State St 7:20PM
Broad St/James St 7:22PM
Broad St/Baldwin St 7:23PM
Broad St/Vernon Terr 7:24PM
Broad St/Glen Ridge Parkwy 7:27PM
Broad St/Sunset Ave 7:29PM
Broad St/Donna Dr 7:31PM
Broad St/Parkview Dr 7:34PM
Broad St/Garrabrant Ave 7:36PM
Broad St/High St 7:38PM



(H) Train Arrives 7:74PM
(M) Train Arrives 8:05PM
Depart Bloomfield Train Station 8:12PM
Broad St/Park St 8:15PM
Broad St/State St 8:17PM
Broad St/James St 8:19PM
Broad St/Baldwin St 8:20PM
Broad St/Vernon Terr 8:21PM
Broad St/Glen Ridge Prkwy 8:24PM
Broad St/Sunset Ave 8:26PM
Broad St/Donna Dr 8:28PM
Broad St/ Parkview Dr 8:31PM
West Passaic Ave/Garrabrant Ave 8:33PM
West Passaic Ave/High St 8:35PM
** All departure time on the evening routes are estimates.  Shuttles will leave shortly after passengers board from the second train that arrives.**
If trains are late, one shuttle will service riders until 8:30PM.  After that time passengers must make other arrangements.

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Title VI Requirements

**  Bloomfield Recreation Department is committed to ensuring that no person is excluded from, or denied the benefits of our services on the basis of race, color, or national origin as protected by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.  Any person who believes that they have, individually, or as a member of any specific class of persons, been subjected to discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin, may file a complaint in writing to the Bloomfield Recreation Department.  To file a complaint, or for the more information on the Bloomfield Recreation Department's obligations under Title VI write to:  The Bloomfield Recreation Department, 84 Broad Street, Bloomfield, NJ 07003.  Transportation services provided by this agency are in whole or part funded through federal funds received through NJ transit and as an individual you also have the right to file your complaint under Title VI to NJ Transit by writing to New Jersey Transit Customer Service- Title VI Division, One Penn Plaza East, Newark, N.J. 07105 or visit  A complaint must be filed within 180 days of the alleged discrimination.  Service animals and portable oxygen permitted on all vehicles.  This timetable is available upon request in alternate accessible formats. **

El Departamento de Recreación Bloomfield se compromete a garantizar que ninguna persona sea excluida de, o negado los beneficios de nuestros servicios sobre la base de raza, color u origen nacional como protegidos por el Título VI de la Ley de Derechos Civiles de 1964, según enmendada. Cualquier persona que cree que tienen, de forma individual o como miembro de una clase específica de personas, han sometido a la discriminación por motivos de raza, color u origen nacional, puede presentar una queja por escrito al Departamento de Recreación Bloomfield.  Para presentar una queja, o para los más información sobre las obligaciones del Departamento de Recreación Bloomfield bajo el Título VI de escritura a:El Departamento de Recreación Bloomfield, 84 Broad Street, Bloomfield, NJ 07003 O al correo electrónico  Las quejas también se pueden presentar ante la Administración Federal de Tránsito por escrito y pueden ser dirigidas a: Coordinador del Programa del Título VI, Edificio Este, 5th Floor - TRC, Departamento de Transporte de EE.UU,Administración Federal de Tránsito, Oficina de Derechos Civiles, 1200 New Jersey Ave, SE, Washington, DC 20590.  Una queja se debe presentar dentro de los 180 días de la supuesta discriminación.   Los animales de servicio y de oxígeno portátil permitida en los vehículos. Este documento está disponible a pedido en formatos y lenguajes accesibles alternos.

**Route Deviation Policy: Our route deviation policy allows our residents the opportunity to request a deviation from the fixed schedule on return trips only.  A passenger may request a deviation from the route upon entering the bus.  The driver may deviate from the route if it is: 1) in close proximity to the fixed route; 2) the bus is able to safely navigate the road; 3) the driver can remain on time with their predetermined schedule.


Este documento está disponible en otros idiomas a petición. Por favor llame 973-743-9074

If you need assistance or an accommodation with any of The Township of Bloomfield's Transportation services, please call 973-743-9074 or send an e-mail to


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