Three Missing Bloomfield Teens Found Safe in Pennsylvania

Friday, May 18, 2018

Three Missing Bloomfield Teens Found Safe in Pennsylvania

Children are back in Bloomfield with their families

BLOOMFIELD, NJ -- Three Bloomfield teenagers who were reported missing on Saturday have been found, and brought back home. Alex Lopez, Ulises Yance and Alexa Arenas were located late Sunday night by Lemoyne Police Department officers in the Pennsylvania town’s McDonalds. The 15 and 16-year-olds were then brought to Lemoyne police headquarters to talk, and call their parents, who picked them up and brought the youths back to Bloomfield early Monday morning.

“On behalf of the Bloomfield Township Council, I would like to thank Director of Public Safety Samuel DeMaio and the entire Bloomfield Police Department for their great work locating these missing persons. We are all relieved that they were found safe, and are back with their families,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “I would also like to thank the members of the media and everyone who shared information about the missing children for their efforts to help expand the search.”

“Our investigation, headed by Lt. George Ricci of the Youth Aid Division, gained information that led us to believe the teenagers may have been in the Lemoyne McDonalds. We alerted the Lemoyne Police Department, which quickly found them. Thanks to this great cooperation between our police department and theirs, I am happy to report this case is closed,” said Director DeMaio.

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