Mayor Venezia to Host Night of Conversation Series with 1st Ward Councilwoman Mundell, 2nd Ward Councilman Joanow and 3rd Ward Councilwoman Cruz

Friday, February 9, 2018

Mayor Venezia to Host Night of Conversation Series with 1st Ward Councilwoman Mundell, 2nd Ward Councilman Joanow and 3rd Ward Councilwoman Cruz

Residents invited to social nights with neighbors and their elected representatives February 12th, 20th and 27th

BLOOMFIELD, NJ -- Bloomfield Mayor Michael Venezia is teaming up with Bloomfield’s three ward Council members to host neighborhood conversations throughout the month of February. Mayor Venezia and 1st Ward Councilwoman Jenny Mundell will host a community discussion on Monday, February 12th at 6:30pm at the Nevada Diner. The next week, the Mayor and Bloomfield 2nd Ward Councilman Nicholas Joanow will host a similar event on February 20th at 7:00pm at IHOP on Broad Street. On February 27th, 3rd Ward Councilwoman Cruz will host a forum with the Mayor at 7:00pm at Anthony’s Cheesecake. All events are free to attend, and participants are not required to purchase anything from the restaurants.

“Too often, residents are not afforded the opportunity to speak directly with their elected representatives outside of Council meetings. Ward Council members Mundell, Joanow and Cruz and I are determined to be the voice of our constituents, and this meeting series is an opportunity for us to better understand the issues that our neighbors care about,” said Mayor Venezia. “The Township of Bloomfield has made great strides to promote transparency, including building an online portal to make public documents easily accessible, which received the League of Municipalities and Department of Community Affairs’ 2017 Annual Innovation in Governance Awards. These community conversations are another way for us to better serve the community.”

“Whether it pertains to scheduled waste pickup, police presence, parking regulations or a host of other subjects, the Mayor and I want to hear what residents think about the services Bloomfield provides, or perhaps should provide in the 1st Ward. I think these discussions are more effective when they happen in person, where everyone can communicate more directly,” said Councilwoman Mundell. “I am looking forward to hearing from my constituents and neighbors, and learning how the Township of Bloomfield can work best for everyone.”

“On February 20th, I invite all residents in the 2nd Ward to come speak with the Mayor and myself about the issues that matter to them and their families,” said Councilman Joanow. “I think meeting at a familiar, leisurely setting brings a neighborly atmosphere to these meetings, and I am confident that will lead to productive conversations about the priorities of 2nd Ward residents, who I take great pride in representing on the Township Council.”

“I think these community meetings are a great way to better understand our responsibilities as elected officials, and better shape our agendas accordingly,” said Councilwoman Cruz. “My friends and neighbors know me and what I stand for. As one of the newer faces on the Township Council, I am dedicated to meeting as many of my constituents as possible and listening to how I can best represent them.”

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Councilman Joanow and Mayor Venezia

Councilwoman Mundell and Mayor Venezia

Councilwoman Cruz and Mayor Venezia

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