Bloomfield Town Communication Meeting and Conversation Monday at 7:00pm at the Civic Center

Friday, May 18, 2018

Bloomfield Town Communication Meeting and Conversation Monday at 7:00pm at the Civic Center

Discussion to receive feedback on improving the Township’s communications systems, including forthcoming app

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BLOOMFIELD, NJ -- The Bloomfield Township Council will be hosting an informal meeting for residents to share their feelings about the way the Township currently disseminates information, and how residents would like the Township to better share information. The communications meeting will take place Monday at 7:00pm at the Bloomfield Civic Center, located at 84 Broad St. The Township is looking for feedback on how departments can better share information on Facebook and Twitter, email blasts, Swift 911, and other platforms. Under the direction of the Mayor and Council, the Township is currently working to develop a Bloomfield Township application which residents can use to stay up to date about public events and initiatives.

“The feedback we receive on what specific news residents care most about will inform not only our departments’ social media strategy, but also provide our app developers guidance in what to prioritize,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “Through the Township’s website and our monthly E-Buzz, we do our best to keep residents aware of the great events our departments and affiliated groups like Bloomfield Center Alliance are hosting, but we understand some residents need more direct and customizable sources of information. We are hopeful that a cleaner website, social media presence, and the Bloomfield Township app will be able to provide that service.”

“In meeting with my neighbors and constituents, I often hear that they didn’t find out about community events or concerns until it was too late. We want to improve communications so residents are informed about important issues and are able to participate in the many great programs our departments organize throughout the year,” said Councilwoman Dr. Wartyna Davis. “Many residents don’t know where to find timely information from the Township, and we want to be sure we are prioritizing the information residents care about.”

This community meeting and conversation comes on the heels of several public requests for a more transparent communications strategy from the Township. On Monday, residents will be invited to complete a short questionnaire regarding their priorities for the forthcoming app, and what events they tend to be most interested in. The questionnaire is also available online.

“Between the many community service programs like the Police Department’s Youth Police Academy and Health and Human Services’ Narcan Training program last week, there are a ton of opportunities to be active members of the community, and really benefit from the hard work that our departments do for the public,” said Councilwoman Jenny Mundell. “I encourage everyone in town to fill out our questionnaire, and share what you would like our communications strategy to really prioritize.”

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