Bloomfield Police Set to Host Community Roll Call Wednesday at 7:00pm

Monday, September 10, 2018

Bloomfield Police Set to Host Community Roll Call Wednesday at 7:00pm

Members of the Public Invited to Bring their Concerns to Police Officers and Leadership

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BLOOMFIELD, NJ -- The Bloomfield Police Department will be hosting a public community roll call on Wednesday, Sept. 12 for residents to voice their concerns and learn about police protocol. The roll call will take place at 7:00pm on First Ave. between N. 15th St. and N. 16th St. in Bloomfield, and officers will be on hand to meet members of the community and answer all of their questions.


A roll call is where supervisors take attendance, inspect uniform and equipment, inform the oncoming shift of any outstanding incidents that may have occurred, inform officers of suspects to be looking out for, and make administrative announcements.


Bloomfield Police Department holds roll call in police headquarters three times every day. Bloomfield’s Director of Public Safety Samuel DeMaio instructed Police Officers to make this event open to the public, and invite residents to come discuss their quality of life concerns or ask questions about community policing. When Director DeMaio served as Police Director for the City of Newark, he held very successful community roll calls where hundreds of residents came to interact with the police.


“This Wednesday’s community roll call is a great opportunity for residents to see how our police department goes about prioritizing public safety and implementing procedures to keep our community safe,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “Our police officers do a great job of being a part of the community and addressing our concerns. I would like to thank Director DeMaio and the entire Police leadership for their efforts to be visible in the community.”


“Throughout the year, the Bloomfield Police Department tries to engage with residents, through events like National Night Out, Patch to Patch door knocking initiatives, and this community roll call, to open avenues for dialogue. This Wednesday, we invite residents to talk with our officers and voice concerns about neighborhood problems,” said Director DeMaio. “Our dedicated officers in every division and unit are focused on keeping Bloomfield residents safe, and receiving community feedback is crucial to our success.”


“Events like this community roll call bring residents and police together in relaxed settings, where we can get to know each other as people, rather than authority figures, and work together, to reduce crime and improve our quality of life," said Councilwoman Sarah Cruz. “I would like to thank Director DeMaio for his leadership in bringing this event to fruition and I hope to see many residents on Wednesday night at 7:00pm at 1st Ave. between N. 15 and N. 16. St.”

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