Bloomfield Energy Aggregation Education Video and Info...

Monday, December 4, 2017

Background Info:

It's Called Government Energy Aggregation and it allows the Township to aggregate the energy usage within Bloomfield to help obtain savings for all its residents on your electric bill.  This is being offered as a benefit to you.

  • In order to participate and obtain the savings, there is nothing you have to do.  You are automatically enrolled unless we hear from you.
  • If you don't wish to participate in the savings, just call, log in or mail in your opt out card when it arrives in the mail in a few days.  There is no penalty for opting out of the program.  Please attend the scheduled meetings for more details.
  • Once you are in the program, you can still opt out any time, with no penalty or fee.  You can also opt back in at a later date, again with no fee.
  • Representatives will NOT be knocking on your door or calling you.  This program has been vetted by the NJ Board of Public Utilities and Rate Counsel.
  • Look for the full program details being mailed to you shortly.
  • For more information, log on to or call Bloomfield's energy consultant, Commercial Utility Consultants at 855-200-2648.
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