Bloomfield to Continue Efforts to Improve Water System with Water Main Cleaning and Lining Project

Friday, April 6, 2018

Bloomfield to Continue Efforts to Improve Water System with Water Main Cleaning and Lining Project

Series of projects aimed at improving quality of drinking water, and water infrastructure

BLOOMFIELD, NJ -- This Spring, the township of Bloomfield will continue its water improvement efforts by cleaning and lining about three quarters of a mile of 12-inch diameter water main along Division Street, Woodland Road and Belleville Avenue. The cleaning and lining project will involve the removal of accumulated sediment and rust that has built up over decades within the water main. The project will ultimately improve the flow and quality of the drinking water being delivered to our residents.

Over the past three years, the township has spent close to $4M on water improvement projects, with the joint goals of water purification, conservation--through eliminating leaks and blockages--and saving taxpayers dollars. The contract for the cleaning and lining project was awarded to the firm Mainlining America at a cost of $1,028,445.00, and is expected to begin on or around April 16, 2018. This is the first of several projects the Bloomfield Engineering Department will undertake to improve the quality of residents’ drinking water. Other projects include valve exercising and replacement to maintain the proper operation and functioning of the distribution system and construction of a new water supply pumping station to directly deliver, for the first time ever, water from the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission, which is a source of water independent from the water residents currently receive from the City of Newark.

“As is the case with most older townships, our underground infrastructure is in need of improvement, and often, replacements, for which our Engineering Department has consulted private vendors and experts,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “This project is just the newest phase of water improvement that my administration started three years ago. We will continue our efforts to provide the best possible water quality and service to Bloomfield residents.”

“We anticipate that these improvements, over time, will bring our drinking water into full compliance with EPA and N.J. Department of Environmental Protection drinking water standards and eliminate the requirement to issue drinking water advisories on a quarterly basis,” said Director of Engineering Paul Lasek. “While such notices continue to be issued, these projects, as well as continued dialogue with the City of Newark, will significantly contribute to our goal of eliminating these notices by the end of 2018.”

Bloomfield residents can expect further announcements on improvements to water infrastructure, such as water meters and water supply, in the coming weeks. Residents with any questions about the Township’s drinking water are encouraged to call the Bloomfield Engineering Department at 973-680-4009.

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