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Mayor and Council amended Chapter 435 of the Township Code titled “Rent Control” which went into effect July 1st, 2016. This ordinance pertains to all properties that have six (6) or more rental units which require registration with the Township. According to our records, the above-referenced property falls under this classification. We strongly recommend that you review the ordinance, which can be found on our website at so that you are familiar with the information and are fully aware of the requirements which will need further compliance. For example, it is mandatory to incorporate the below-referenced subsections into all new leases:

  • 435-2.5 Notice of Tenants Rights
  • 435-3.4 Standards of Service

Moving forward we ask that you submit all requirements (rent control registration form, a copy of the signed lease along with proof of service, as well as the current rent roll) via email to  Should you have any further questions please feel free to call (973) 680 - 4192. We greatly appreciate your anticipated cooperation to ensure a smooth transition to this ordinance.

Forms to download:

Rent Control Ordinance

Township of Bloomfield
2016 Proposed Rent Control Ordinance is now available for public download.

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