Fire Suppression

The Bloomfield Fire Department maintains a fire suppression force of 84. Four shifts of provide 24 hour protection, each shift directed by a Deputy Chief. Four fire stations house first line suppression vehicles.

Fire Headquarters
375 Franklin St. (corner of Montgomery St.)
Fire Stations 004.jpg
Truck1.jpgTruck 1
2007 American LaFrance
110' Aerial Ladder

Engine1.jpgEngine 1
2008 Pierce Contender
1500gpm Pumper

Station 2
90 Watsessing Ave. (opposite Arlington Ave.)

Fire Stations 001.jpg
eng2.jpgEngine 2
2002 American LaFrance
1500gpm Squrt
Station 3
124 East Passaic Ave.(between Hoover Ave. and Seeley Terr)
Engine_3.jpgEngine 3
2001 American La France
1500gpm 75ft Quint

rescue140_0.jpgRescue 1
1989 Ford / E-One
1989 Heavy Duty Rescue

Station 4
1233 Broad St. (corner of Macleod La.)

Fire Stations 003.jpg
Engine4.jpgEngine 4
2006 Pierce Contender
1500gpm Pumper

All engines carry an on board water supply to allow a rapid attack of fire. The on board tanks, along with 5" high flow supply lines, assuring us that adequate water is available for almost any fire situation. Rescue and extrication tools are also carried on each vehicle. Truck 1and Engine 3 additionally carries the "Jaws of Life", power saws, and other special rescue equipment.

Live fire training at Middlesex County

Today's firefighter, the Chief, Deputy Chiefs, Captains, Lieutenants, and Firemen have to be much more than men with axes and hoses. They all must be knowledgeable in such areas as: Hazardous Materials, Building Construction, First Aid, Public Relations, Incident Command, Fire Chemistry, Environmental Protection and Communications.

Through continuing education and training, the Bloomfield Fire Department keeps abreast of the latest fire fighting, search and rescue, and haz-mat techniques and resources. Scheduled "live burns' at the Middlesex County Fire Training Facility are done to provide "Battlefield" conditions in which to train.

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