Bloomfield Cultural Arts

The Bloomfield Cultural Commission is comprised of five appointed commissioners to oversee the cultural arts in the town.

The commission has been active in Bloomfield since 1976. In addition to hosting Cultural  events held at different venues, the Commission is also tasked with making sure there is representation through culture and history in Bloomfield. They act as an advocate with the township and request money each year for different groups to help ensure those groups continue to thrive in Bloomfield.

Bloomfield Arts

Bloomfield Arts Org was created in response to the ever growing arts scene in the town. It is comprised of professional representatives from the arts organizations that currently call Bloomfield home, (both the non-profit and profit sector) as well as other artists and arts enthusiasts. Bloomfield is home to several professional theatre and dance companies, various concert bands and orchestras, two professional acting schools, the Oakeside Cultural Center, the Westminster Arts Center on the Bloomfield College campus, and the revamped Multi Media Arts Center on Bloomfield Avenue; all of which host many arts organizations and events. In addition, Bloomfield College has a cutting edge Creative Arts & Technology Division which specializes in Animation, Game Development, Graphics for Print & Digital Media, Multi Media and the world wide web.

There is something for everyone waiting here in Bloomfield as the Arts are in Bloom!

Organizations in Bloomfield

4th Wall Musical Theatre

Bloomfield Historical Society

Bloomfield Library

Broadway Performing Arts

Federation of Music (Comprised of below)

Garden State Concert Band

Bloomfield Symphony Orchestra
Bloomfield Civic Band
Bloomfield Choral
Bloomfield Mandolin Orchestra
Bloomfield Youth Band

New Jersey Moviemakers Network

NJ School of the Dramatic Arts

New Jersey Tap Ensembe

Oakeside Bloomfield Cultural Center

Talent Time

Westminster Arts Center

Yates Musical Theatre

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