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Volunteer Coaching Application


  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Choose a Coaching Position
  3. 3. Contact Information
  4. 4. Coaching/Volunteer Experience
  5. 5. Signature
  • Introduction

    1. recreation header
    2. Volunteer Coaching Application
    3. Important: Please Read
      The Bloomfield Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Department values its’ volunteer coaches and recognizes the vital role they play in the physical and social development of our youth sports participants. We commend and thank our volunteers for the interest, sacrifice and commitment they make to our children, our programs as well as the positive impact they have on the overall quality of life in our community. Our paramount concern is the safety of our players. To assure the protection of our participants and volunteers all coaches are subject to the following requirements:
      • Complete the Volunteer Application
      • Attend coach’s meeting
      • Review and agree to the Volunteer Coach Policies and Procedures below
      • Complete a Criminal Background Check Cost: $37.00 (Paid for by BPRCA Dept.)
      • Attend the Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y Course – Appx Cost: $40.00 (Volunteers Responsibility – One Time Fee…Time, Date and Location TBA)
    4. Policies and Procedures for Volunteer Coaches
      • Coaching staffs are limited to no more than one head coach and two approved assistant coaches.
      • Coaches are required to report all injuries and unsafe playing conditions promptly to the Bloomfield Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Department using forms provided by our Department.
      • Coaches should never leave a child alone at the conclusion of a practice or game.
      • Private or one-on-one coaching sessions with children are strictly prohibited.
      • Practices conducted outside of the designated times, dates & locations are strictly prohibited
      • Only coaches sanctioned and approved by the BPRCA are permitted to participate.
      • Coaches are responsible for contacting their team with any changes made to the schedule.
    5. ***Completion of this form does not guarantee you a coaching position*** We retain the right to approve or reject any applicant.