Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs

Letter to the Public

In response to COVID-19  Download Letter (PDF)

Parks and Fields

In an attempt to protect our residents and "flatten the curve" of COVID19 the Township of Bloomfield has closed all ACTIVE RECREATION AREAS of our Municipal Park System to the public effective Friday, March 27th.

Active recreational areas include: Baseball/softball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts and our skate park. 

Our tot-lot playgrounds remain closed.

Currently we are keeping PASSIVE RECREATIONAL AREAS OPEN to the public to provide our residents an opportunity to get outside of their homes and take a walk in their neighborhood park. We ask that anyone using our passive recreational areas to practice social distancing protocols and respect everyone’s personal space.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all deal with this situation and we are sending positive thoughts and well wishes to all!

Cabin Fever series!

The Bloomfield, Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Department appreciates that our residents are adhering to the recommendations to practice social distancing and only leaving your homes when absolutely necessary. As we follow the recommendations from the CDC, we see that following this protocol will allow us to "Flatten the Curve" of the virus. We understand that both active and passive recreational opportunities are essential components to a happy and healthy individual and the community as a whole. With that in mind, we are proud to present our Cabin Fever Series of on-line videos to help you and your family stay fit and active in the comfort of your own home. Stay tuned for some creative and exciting things to follow as we add more videos!


Breathing, meditation, movement and yoga exercises to help find peace and relaxation and to ease stress, anxiety and worry. Presented by Sandy Gola, our yoga and meditation instructor at Bloomfield Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department.

Yoga Class Modular Practice - Presented in segments, which may be strung together for a full length comprehensive class, or choose a shorter targeted class, as desired. Suitable for those with prior yoga experience or a fit beginner.

Warm Up A  |  Sun Salutations A2 |  Standing Poses B  |  Seated Poses C  |  Backbends and Floor Work D  |  Final Resting Pose with Singing Bowls E

Mind, Body & Soul (8 videos)

full breathing

singing bowl meditation

warm up




backbends floor



Circuit # 1 (4 videos)

plank hip hikes

table tops

sumo inch worms

jumping jacks

Circuit # 2   (4 videos)

squat star jumps

pushups Opens in new window

mountain climbers Opens in new window

high knees Opens in new window

Circuit # 3   (4 videos)

frog pumps

in and outs

leg lifts

shoulder taps

Transportation Information

Commuter Shuttle 

Commuter Shuttle Bus Service will be suspended until further notice starting Wednesday, March 18th

Senior Citizen Bus

Stop & Shop has created a special “Senior Citizen Only (60+)” shopping time from 6:00AM to 7:30AM. We have adjusted our bus schedule to accommodate these special times to better meet the needs of our senior citizen population. We will still have our typical morning senior citizen routes at 8:30AM and 9:30AM. Seniors will now have two daily options. We will NOT have afternoon routes.

This will take effect on Thursday, March 19th. This will be daily and until further notice. We will make adjustments and tweaks as necessary.

Dial A Ride 

We have cancelled all non-essential appointments. We are still taking seniors daily for dialysis, chemotherapy, heart doctors and medications.

**For the safety of our riders and drivers we have implemented a stringent cleaning process for all transportation vehicles.**

Mission Statement

The Bloomfield Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Department is to provide its community with diverse, year round youth, adult, senior and family orientated programs utilizing their extraordinary parks and recreation facilities. These affordable activities are to be well-supervised, age appropriate and conducted at convenient times and locations all while enhancing physical, social and cultural growth of all residents.