Healthy Homes initiative

The Green and Healthy Homes Initiative is an educational program offered by the Township of Bloomfield Department of Health and Human Services Environmental Division. The staff of the Bloomfield Health Department has been trained in a two day course specifically dedicated to recognizing hazards in the home that could contribute to health issues. Residents can sign up for this free program and have a healthy homes representative complete a home assessment, where issues such as pests, moisture intrusion, deteriorated paint, air quality, and fire safety will be addressed. Once the assessment has been completed, residents will be given a free cleaning kit which will include all the tools they need to keep their home healthy; the kit includes recipe cards for making green cleaning products, dusting tools, rubber gloves, sponges, and so much more.

All Bloomfield residents are welcome to take advantage of this free program, whether they are property owners or a renter. 

Sign up for a free healthy homes assessment by calling the Bloomfield Health Department at (973)-680-4024 or fill out our online form: Healthy Homes Resident Sign-up Form

This assessment is for educational purposes only.

Click HERE to be directed to The New Jersey Comfort Partners Program. This is a free program that helps income-eligible customers reduce their utility bills through implementing cost effective measures which save energy and money while improving their home's safety and comfort at no cost to them.

Seven Tips for Keeping a Healthy Home:

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control has put together seven tips for keeping a healthy home:

1. Keep it Dry

Prevent water from entering your home through leaks in roofing systems, rain water from entering the home due to poor drainage, and check your interior plumbing for any leaking.

2. Keep it Clean

Control the source of dust and contaminants, creating smooth and cleanable surfaces, reducing clutter, and using effective wet-cleaning methods.

3. Keep it Safe

Store poisons out of the reach of children and properly label. Secure loose rugs and keep children’s play areas free from hard or sharp surfaces. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and keep fire extinguishers on hand.

4. Keep it Well-Ventilated

Ventilate bathrooms and kitchens and use whole house ventilation for supplying fresh air to reduce the concentration of contaminants in the home.

5. Keep it Pest-free

All pests look for food, water and shelter. Seal cracks and openings throughout the home; store food in pest-resistant containers. If needed, use sticky-traps and baits in closed containers, along with least toxic pesticides such as boric acid powder.

6. Keep it Contaminant-free

Reduce lead-related hazards in homes by fixing deteriorated paint, and keeping floors and window areas clean using a wet-cleaning approach. Test your home for radon, a naturally occurring dangerous gas that enters homes through soil, crawlspaces, and foundation cracks. Install a radon removal system if levels above the EPA action-level are detected.

7. Keep it Well-Maintained

Inspect, clean and repair your home routinely. Take care of minor repairs and problems before they become large repairs and problems.